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The Automotive "Tune-up" has changed quite a bit in just the past decade. A traditional Tune-up would be Ignition Wires, Spark Plugs, Distributor Cap, and Distributor Rotor, PCV Valve, Air Filter, Fuel Filter or a combination of them. These days your car is more likely to run a Distributor less Ignition System, cutting out the need for the Cap and Rotor. Your vehicle may also be equipped with Coil Pack's located on top of the Spark Plugs, meaning no Ignition Wires. Although periodic replacement is needed, they typically last much longer.

These maintenance items should all have recommended change intervals listed in your vehicles "Owners Manual." These components should be changed out when specified, or sooner, to keep your vehicle from having a much more serious issue. The severity of these items is apparent in almost all vehicle problems and major failures. A no-start issue, a high/low Idle problem, failed emissions, and a Check Engine Light illuminated on the dash are all frequent symptoms of neglect of maintenance.

Because these items should not be ignored, manufactures make them easier to locate. In most cases, we are quickly able to inspect most, if not all, of these components and see which is causing the problems. In some cases, when maintenance has been ignored for too long, it is necessary to replace all the older maintenance items before beginning to diagnose the car.