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Transmission Service

We provide multiple different services for Automatic and Manual Transmission's. Weather you need to Flush the Transmission, change the filter, or have a Malfunction Indicator on for the Transmission, we can help! We work with a few Transmission Specialist's so if it needs to be rebuilt, replaced, or modified we able to get the job done in great time and provide quality work.

Poor Transmission Shifts, Hard Shifts, and a loss of power are all signs of your Transmission Fluid needing to be changed. On most four cylinder automatic vehicles it just requires draining the fluid and adding new. Bigger engine vehicles, vehicles with four wheel drive, and lots of others also have Transmission Filter's that needs to be changed out as well. This usually means removing the bottom part of the Transmission, changing the Filter, replacing the Transmission Pan Gasket and resealing the transmission. A Transmission service like this normally runs between $159.95 and $199.95 Depending on how many quarts of fluid the vehicle needs.