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Safety First!

Safety should be everyone's #1 concern and on your vehicle that starts with your brakes. Most newer vehicles have Disc Brakes on all four wheels or at least Disc Brakes on the front and Drum Brakes on the rear. Most often the Front Pads and Brake Rotors need to be changed as the front is used most while driving.

A typical front Brake Pad and Rotor change on a Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, or Subaru is around $349.90 plus tax.

If you have a German vehicle like an Audi A4 or Volkswagen Golf the cost of parts goes up so it would run near $399.90 plus tax.

Rear brakes would include Pads and Rotors or Drums and Shoes and normally run $389.90 and up.

These prices do vary depending on Make, Model, and Options like 4x4 or ABS. Please call us for a quote on your specific vehicle.